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For all enquiries call:
0800 762 542 for LPG, or
0800 80 9000 for natural gas.

Here to stay

  • Gas will continue to be a key source of energy for heating homes, fuelling cars and barbeques and providing endless hot water.
  • Domestic LPG reserves are increasing and we will continue to import LPG to supplement demand where required.

Gas for your home

Family lounge.

Perfectly cooked meals, instant hot water and a cosy house through winter are just some of the benefits of having gas in your home. Plus, you could get a 15% DualEnergy prompt payment discount when you choose both gas and electricity from us.

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Which gas is right for me?

Natural gas

Piped gas

A great value piped gas for homes in the North Island. It's a good choice if you plan on using gas for lots of your energy needs. Natural gas requires a connection to the natural gas network, and usually has the lowest cost per kilowatt.


Bottled LPG gas

We can supply convenient bottled LPG packs throughout the country, so you can get gas without connecting the gas network. Piped LPG is also available in the Queenstown lakes region and the Christchurch CBD. Auto LPG is a clean burning, affordable fuel for your car.