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01 July 2008

Centennial Drive binary update

Contact Energy yesterday entered into agreements with Ormat, a geothermal equipment
manufacturer and constructor, to supply and construct a 23.3 megawatt binary power station
on Centennial Drive, Taupo for $60 million. Ormat supplied and constructed the Wairakei
binary plant for Contact in 2004 and the binary power station will follow a similar design.
Contact has already drilled the wells necessary to power the station as part of the
programme to appraise the Tauhara steamfield. The total cost to deliver the project is
expected to be approximately $100 million, including works undertaken to date.
The Tauhara binary power station will be commissioned during 2010 and represents the first
stage of Contact’s development of the Tauhara steamfield.
Contact is also planning the construction of a between 200 and 240 megawatt geothermal
power station on the Tauhara steamfield and expects to file resource consents for that
project in the first half of 2009.

Jonathan Hill
Communications Manager
04 462 1285
021 440 090