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Direct debit

Direct debit is an easy and convenient way to pay your energy bill. Your bill will be paid by the due date, so you can be sure you’ll get your prompt payment discount.

How it works

  • We send you your monthly bill two weeks before the due date, so you know how much energy you’ve used and the amount owing.
  • On the due date of the bill, we deduct the full amount owing from your bank account, less your prompt payment discount.

If you want to query the amount on your bill contact us before the payment due date. We won't debit any money from your account until the query is resolved. You can still question a bill after the payment date.

Set up a direct debit online

You can set up your direct debit online within the Online Services section of our website.  Simply register or log into Online Services and navigate to ‘payment options’ from the Billing tab. This is not available to Business or PrePower customers.

Or fill in a paper direct debit form

Print off and fill in our PDF document direct debit form (62KB) and return it to us at: Contact Energy, FreePost 113763, PO Box 624, Wellington, 6140. We'll write back to confirm we've received the form and set up your direct debit.

You'll need Adobe Reader to download the direct debit form. If you don't have a printer or Adobe Acrobat, call us and we'll post you a form.

PrePower customers

If you are a PrePower customer:

  • Print of our PDF document direct debit form (453KB) or call 0800 80 9000 and we'll send you the form by post. You'll need Adobe Reader to download this file.
  • Make sure you tell us your four digit PIN number on the direct debit form. This number will be used to verify your identity when you call the PrePower Purchase Line. If this is not entered properly the direct debit transaction will be denied.
  • Read our PDF document PrePower direct debit special terms (40KB)
  • Return your direct debit form to: Contact Energy, Free Post 113763, PO Box 624, Wellington and we'll take care of the rest.

Once your direct debit is set up, you can use this option and we'll debit your bank account to the value you purchased, on the next working day after you call us.

If you change your bank

You can cancel your direct debit at any time by calling, emailing or writing to us and your bank, so we are both sure of your instructions. Just complete a new form and send it to us with the new bank details.

Things you should know

Once you've agreed to use direct debit, you'll need to ensure there are sufficient funds in your account on the 'payment due date' to cover the due amount shown on the bill. The payment request will be rejected if there are insufficient funds in your account and you may be charged fees by your bank and by Contact to cover any administration costs incurred.

Get set up for direct debit and you could save 22% on your energy bill

Once you are set up you'll be one small step away from being eligible to receive our Online OnTime 22% prompt payment discount.  All you have to do is choose to get your bill online and pay by direct debit or internet banking (excluding payments by credit card). Simply sign up to Online Billing, if you're not already.